The organisation is divided into central and supplementary services:

Supplementary services are divided into operation units (Celeiro, Ferrol, A Coruña, Muxía-Portosín, Ribeira, Vilaxoán, Pontevedra and Vigo), led by a chief of operating unit who coordinates and manages the assigned personnel. The central bodies are in charge of administering the Service, and their main role is to establish strategies and guidelines, scheduling actions in general, as well as following up, coordinating and monitoring scheduled activities, drafting, revising and updating action protocols and, in general, executing, coordinating and following up with the Coast Guard Service’s actions or activities.

The operations personnel at the different levels, whose roles complement the work carried out by the operational units throughout Galicia, reports directly to Central Services.

The Coast Guard General Sub-director’s Office personnel is structured by levels:

  • Agents
  • Executive level
  • Operational level
  • Technical level
  • Veterinary inspectors

They make up in total 239 workers (between inspectors, sub-inspectors, directors, mechanics, sea guards and support personnel) performing tasks such as ensuring compliance with the applicable fishing, seafood capture and aquiculture regulations; prevention and pollution control, search and rescue operations.

"Saving lives since 1990".

About us

Galicia’s Coast Guard Service is the organisation in charge of sea surveillance, searching, rescue and protection operations in Galician waters. It is a sub-office of the Xunta de Galicia’s Consellería do Mar.


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