The means at the Service’s disposal for maritime surveillance, search, rescue and protection of Galician waters include:

1. Air:

  • Pesca 1 helicopter, based in Vigo
  • Pesca 2 helicopter, based in Celeiro

In total, the air service has 18 pilots, 9 crane operators, 9 rescue workers, 10 maintenance specialists and 1 supporting personnel.

2. Galician coast patrol:

  • Sebastián de Ocampo
  • IP 700 “Paio Gómez Chariño”
  • Irmáns García Nodal
  • Valentín Paz Andrade

Based throughout the operational units: 19 boats. The Service also has the boat Ría de Vigo available, contracted along with EMSA to control pollution.

3. Land:

  • 60 vehicles
  • 3 trucks


Saving lives since 1990″.